Technical Services

Toll Blending

XanaThane Systems offers an extensive range of specialized toll blending solutions. Its chemical manufacturing blender capabilities are supported by a team of industry professionals. XanaThane provides one-stop service to blending customers from raw materials procurement to blending, all the way to delivery of final goods to the end customer.

Handling Options

XanaThane integrates chemical systems and packaging options according to customer shipping requirements, to help save time and reduce costs. Quality contract filling and packaging is offered to handle orders from large returnable totes to a variety of drum options, from 5 to 55 gallon drums. XanaThane can help customers with most compatible containers, including labeling and silk screening. XanaThane's flexible packaging options and innovative logistics solutions aim to add value through convenient customer service.

Process and Equipment Optimization

XanaThane's equipment design and manufacturing expertise can significantly improve productivity, quality and profitability. Improvement implementation projects can include optimized chemical formulations and delivery systems, tooling and venting technologies. Many customers have experienced significant cost savings in the areas of raw materials, equipment maintenance, scrap, repair and lab.

Testing Services

XanaThane Systems' world-class testing facility is staffed by industry-respected professionals and accredited by ISO and AL2A. This laboratory is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through accurate, timely, unbiased and cost effective physical property evaluations. Destructive and non-destructive testing is performed, on flexible and semi-rigid foams, foam/fibre glass laminated boards, and foam/fabric composites. XanaThane's knowledgeable staff helps customers validate product performance in all key areas of polyurethane physical property testing.